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Bored Without You

15 May
i'm victoria and i'm 15. i'm pretty easygoing but i am very picky about who i spend my time with. i am very opinionated but i am not always right (duh). i love to listen to music. i like alot of hip-hop, R & B, rap, country, bubblegum pop, alternative rock, rock & roll, classic oldies, and i listen to alot of spanish music and a little german. i'm not a big movie person, i like teen flicks and comdeys mostly. i hate horror movies, i hate being scared, period. i love to do fun things when i'm with new friends, going to the movies, go-karting, mini golf, shopping and other stuff. but with older friends i like to hang out at my house or theirs and watch tv (i like DEGRASSI, girlfriends, one on one, half & half, zoey 101, unfabulous, real world, g v b, and lots more!) and i like to take walks down my street. but my favorite thing to do is play badmitton, i play with my sis almost every night! i love it! well that's pretty much me, you can e-mail me if you wanna be on my friends list.